Video – May 2016 WREIA Topic – Creativity

I hear this a lot these days:

“I can’t seem to find any deals.”

For many of you it means that you are not opening your mind and using the creative side of your brain to put deals together.   Maybe you only know one or two ways to buy a property.  There are dozens of ways to structure a purchase. The odds are one of them is good fit IF you are targeting the right people.

If you knew more  – the odds are pretty good you could do more and get more done.

I just posted a video on Youtube with some more details about the WREIA meeting this Monday night.    It has a few more details about the topic of Creativity in Real Estate.

As I mention in the video, our meeting on Monday will go a lot further than just how to structure a purchase.

You might even be surprised at how much you are leaving on the table each and every month.

One last thing – Have you done any creative deals lately? Would you like to share your creativity with our members?

In fact – let’s open this up a bit and get the juices flowing…..

It doesn’t even have to be lately.  If you are experienced and want to share one of the things you did earlier in your career that might help someone today – LET’S HEAR ABOUT IT!

Did you get stuck on a deal and find a creative way to break through and get it accomplished?

Did you need more money, or time to finish a project and come up with a creative idea on how to fund it or speed up the process?

If you would like to share your creative side with our members on Monday – Just let me know.

Let’s talk about it before Monday night by phone or email?  You can reach me at or 301-881-5541

We try to make this a big part of our meetings.  In fact –  Sharing resources and Networking are two of the pillars of our WREIA group.

Come on out and join us.

Save a few dollars and reserve your seat early.  Then, come join us at WREIA on May 18th. It will be a great way to continue the spring season, get you motivated, and get some momentum for the rest of 2016.
Reserve your seat for the fifth 2016 WREIA meeting here.
Make this year a great year for your business!
John Peterson
Washington REIA Network, President
Profitable Property, Founder