About Us


ProfitableProperty, training and education unit of JBN Realty Investment, Inc., is dedicated to building a community of individuals and companies focused on successful real estate investing.

We accomplish our mission by providing a unique combination of training, resources, capital and ongoing support. From novice to the most experienced real estate investor, our proven training methodology helps students achieve rapid business growth.

Together, ProfitableProperty and JBN Realty Investment, Inc. provide significant benefits to individuals and the community:

  • ProfitableProperty trains, supports and encourages prospective investors interested in increasing their wealth through profitable real estate investments.
  • By purchasing and rehabilitating properties throughout the D.C. area, JBN Realty Investments, Inc. helps prospective homebuyers realize the dream of home ownership by providing renovated properties at fair market prices.
  • Ultimately, this growth benefits the communities we serve through expanded renovation of distressed properties and increased availability of quality affordable housing.

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